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In order to find the right person for you, there are a number of pre-employment procedures our candidates must go through in order to be put forward for a position. Before we refer any staff member to you, we interview each individual candidate personally to make sure they have relevant skills and qualifications, personality and attributes required for each position.

1.  Each Application received is carefully reviewed.
2.  Applicants are phone screened by us and then interviewed face to face.
3.  Every candidates skills, experience and qualifications are recorded in our database.
4.  Each applicant is referenced from previous employment.
5.  Ministry of Justice forms are sent off and Drivers checks are verified.


Links For Employers

Terms of Trade PDF
The terms of trade must be signed and returned to head office by any Company wanting to hire Temporary Personnel. This is a contract between the supplier (NZ Personnel) and the hirer.

Time Sheet PDF
The time sheet is used by the hirer to record all hours worked by each Temporary Staff Member. These must be signed and returned to head office each week by Close of Business on Monday.

Health and Safety Policy PDF
New Zealand Personnel Health and Safety Policy reflects the actions we take to ensure our staff, our customers and the general public remain healthy and safe in the workplace..

Departement of Labour LINK
This link outlines in detail the minimum rights for any person working in NewZealand.

Incident Report Form PDF
The Incident report must be filled out and returned to head office for ALL accidents, injuries or near misses that occur on site.


ACC Statement
Here's some tips for safety at work.